Thursday, October 28, 2010


              Here is a sample of the beautiful dresses NONPAREILS offers for sale.
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Here is a litte Ukrainian-style dress with LOTS of trim!

This dress resembles the folk costume of Columbia!

On to Mexico! (on the left)

SOLD!  A grateful little girl named Grace is the recipient of both the Tropical Blossom Dress AND a bright pink pettiskirt!  (like the light pink one shown on another post)

 THE TROPICAL BLOSSOM DRESS is a three-in-one outfit.  The super-twirly pink tiered skirt can be worn along with a top, or under the green overdress.  This overdress can even be worn alone as a shorter summery sleeveless play dress.  The pretty sash is reversible.

              Perfect for summer and the Glorious Fourth of July, this striped dress is crisp and clean!  SOLD to the Grandma of a special little baby, born on the 4th of JULY!


Here is the feedback from the satisfied customer, Alex:  "Your dress is perfect. My daughter loves the dress so much.  She wants to be Gretel from The Sound of Music for her 5th birthday.  So she has been Gretel in that dress since it arrived."

Please stay tuned
for more photos
and descriptions of
each unique creation!
Thank you!

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