Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This little dress was so much fun to make!  I was inspired by the folk costume of a doll from the Bratina region in Croatia.  The real outfit consists of a blouse, a sleeveless dress worn over the blouse, and an apron.  My rendition is an all-in-one dress with a panel of red and white crepe fabric across the front, from side seam to side seam, to represent the apron.  The traditional long cuffs extending from the elasticized white sleeves are made from the same fabric as the mock apron.  Since the neck is elastic, too, the dress is easy to pull over the head.  Red flower trim runs across the front bodice seam. Finally, a heart (Croatians love hearts!) adorns the bodice.  (See the full description in our Etsy shop.)

We actually had lots of snow here this year, but it never stays very long, so I wanted Marjo to take pictures of Katia out of doors.  The latter was a little unsure of this whole idea, since it was chilly, and her expressions betray this sentiment!  Thankfully, my mum's slipping on the snow helped to lighten up the atmosphere, and Marjo was able to capture a couple of natural shots of Katia laughing at my mum!  Katia is such a little sweetheart!

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