Saturday, July 30, 2011


Next week, an article I have submitted will be posted on the EtsyKids blog.  In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of some of the photos of Laura-Lise's 8th birthday, plus some links to fun princess party items you can find on Etsy!

We decorated the table with a pretty pink tablecloth, gold runner, gold placemats, flowers, candles, glass "jewels," wine glasses and goblets, balloons, princess toys, and much more.  Hanging beside the lace curtains and twinkle lights is the princess gown I designed and sewed for my little sister, along with a mini version my mother sewed for Laura-Lise's doll, Laura!

Sam constructed a great wooden castle which we fitted over the stable I had made her for a previous birthday.  He even made a little drawbridge!  Inhabited by two dollhouse doll princesses, the castle was a great hit for play all that week!

We made princess cone hats from poster board sprayed gold, which we decorated with plastic jewels, but on Etsy I found this really cute fabric one, which would stand up to many more hours of play!

By CraftingSaavy:
For those who love the Disney Princesses, I have had the privilege of watching little girls' eyes light up when they are presented with these "girly" necklaces, made by Cat's Creations!  And the price is right, too! FREE SHIPPING!

Take a look at Cat's Jewels for other colors and individual princess medallions!     

While we had some prebought dolls to add to the table setting, you can make your own using an adorable pattern from Gingermelon!  Just modify their wee dresses by adding a little length and a glue-on jewel or two, and you will have miniature princesses with which to decorate.  You might even give them out as party favors!

Mimicking these whimsical little people are the following clip art pictures which would make the sweetest little invitations to a princess party!


If you are not up to making a wooden castle like we did, or if you are limited in space, this felt castle scene makes a great alternative!

  It is made by ZOOBLE: OR....have her customize a set to your liking!

In the way of princess dresses, you will find such a variety on Etsy!  There are Disney dresses, skirts, tutu dresses, shiny, colorful, soft, flamboyant ... something for everyone's taste and budget!  Laura-Lise REALLY wanted a RED chiffon pettiskirt for her birthday, so I did make her one!  Below is a pink one with lovely butterfly appliquée and pearl trim which I sewed for Etsy.  It is on sale now!

I think it looks pretty "princessy!"

Another really cute princess skirt, along with a headpiece can be found in FairyGodmother4Hire's Etsy shop.  Look at her other items for sale to view other colors and variations!

Princess birthday themes are so enjoyable to create, especially with such an array of creative ideas and gifts from Etsy!  The birthday girl and the whole family will be sure to treasure precious memories of the day!



The Kautts said...

Looks like a fun Birthday! :) I like all of the costumes... :)

In Christ,

Nonpareils said...

The pink pettiskirt was sold at the Goshen Market last week!