Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish Birthday party

Irish step dancer costume

Several years ago, for my sister's tenth birthday, we did an Irish-themed party since she loves Ireland as well as all things the color green!

Our Mum decorated by draping shamrock fabric over the window valance, and placing a bit of ''rainbow'' over the fan! The birthday girl loved it all. :)

Irish woodland party table

The table was decorated as an Irish woodland, with a real log in the center, little handmade gnomes wearing green shirts, a green teddy bear waving an Irish flag, little woodland creatures such as foxes and rabbits, and more.
(note: Norwegian flags stand for the fact that Ireland was first settled by Vikings.
Thanks to P.B for pointing out that many Irish inherited their signature brilliant color of
 red hair from the Norse!)

I made this step dancer costume for my sister's doll Kirsten. In this picture, it is modelled by
a more Irish-looking doll. :)

On the birthday, even the weather co-operated with the theme by acting very wet and green!
(rare for the middle of September in Missouri!)
Of course on the birthday, we watched a video of Riverdance. (which is amazing for the most part!)

And the birthday cake was.....

A log cake!

You can easily make this delightful cake; there are dozens of recipes online!
such as herehere, or here!

(pictures are actually from a different, more recent birthday party when we also made a log cake.)

(The very happy birthday girl with her log cake, which was decorated with meringue mushrooms!)

Try making  meringue mushrooms!

And another cute idea which we discovered later is... green pepper shamrocks!

I hope you are inspired to do a little Irish party this weekend!
Or any time this spring!
Or even for a September birthday, as we did. :)

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Kate W said...

This is lovely, Nikola! You all always have SUCH lovely ideas for birthday celebrations! :) I LOVE hearing about all of your planning & creations in Marjo's letters... And I love seeing photos also, because it gives me a visual of everything I have heard about over the years! :) I hope y'all had a good day celebrating Valerie's birthday yesterday! It was GOOD seeing y'all at the Tea! I HOPE to see you again soon! :) Have a blessed weekend, my friend!