Friday, March 16, 2012

Of Irish music, dolls, and books

Here are just a few fun Irish items that I wanted to share with you....

The first two CDs are ones that we got for the previously mentioned Irish birthday; we still listen to them. :)
The first is more classical, while the second has a different style to it.

(I recommend this one highly :))

(a pretty, relaxing piece of music found on this CD)

(a fun CD)

(A very good instrumental hymn CD played by traditional Irish instruments!)

And here are some pretty little dolls that I used to long to add to my doll collection :)

Another Irish Madame Alexander doll

Not only are the paper dolls in this series fun and sweet, they are educational since they portray very accurately the folk clothing of the country! This is one of my favorites.
When I was younger, I wanted to own this Irish princess doll. :)
Everyone loves an elegant medieval costume!

And lastly:
A nice childrens' book. The author writes delightful books- more about her other childrens' books in another post! This Irish story is not my favorite of her books, but it is still sweet.
(note: I appreciate this book because of it is a story about a family in Ireland; I do not agree with their religious beliefs.)

I hope you look into some of these special Irish items, since I'm sure you will enjoy them!

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