Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CHEF 2012 Conference

Hello, blog readers. I must apologize for the neglect of this blog; I am usually busy with sewing, art, and family life!
Last month, June 18-19, our family attended the annual CHEF-Missouri Homeschool Convention/History Conference. We always are blessed by this event. This year we had a booth called One Covenant, Many Countries. For this event I was busy sewing dolls' historic costumes from various countries which were crucial to the Reformation era! That was delightful, and I look forward to sharing with you pictures of those costumes, many of which sold!

In honor of our family's booth, I dressed in Waldensian-style costume.
The Waldensians were strong Bible-believing Christians living in France/Italy before the Reformation times.  Their Confession of Faith dates back to 1120 A.D. 
I Nikola, at the 2012 CHEF Missouri Convention, talking to friends visiting our booth. 

Talking with friends (I am on the far right) on the second day of the Conference. 

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