Tuesday, February 25, 2014



  PART 1, cont'd

 PART 1, cont'd again

First Step:  Don't cut anything! :)

 You'll be ruffling right off the chiffon rolls onto the lower tier of the petticoat.

Now, ideally you should not sew up the back seam of the petticoat's lower tier until you've finished ruffling! That way you can always trim it or add to it if necessary. The idea is to keep your fabrics as open to alteration as possible so you don't run out of room or end up with way too much extra.

  This lower tier would be really thin so you can get in as many yards as possible; the little girls' skirts I make have 15 yards (per layer) onto which I ruffle 30 yards of fluff...you technically have 90 yards of fluff to ruffle (per layer), so, if you were using chiffon for the petticoat, you would make that lower tier about 45 yards long!  Impossible with cotton, so you'll just need to set your ruffler for a fuller gather to fit on all that fluff!

Look for the PROCEDURE in the next post.


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