Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cheap Chic: 2015 version book review

Cheap Chic
   First, I would like to give a little update about myself: although you probably know by now that I have been a seamstress and clothing designer for over 10 years now, you may not know that I am also a costume designer and am currently taking a European-based course in fashion design! Therefore, I was quite interested when this book- Cheap Chic- caught my eye! I must begin this review with a note that I had no idea that this book was originally published in the 1970's. I simply thought it was current fashion book. If you are purchasing this book because you know the original and you love fashion of the '70's, then this book just might be for you! Personally, I was disappointed because all the images inside were black and white and very '70s. Oddly enough, I do not despise the fashion of that time period. Rather, I dislike the whole mentality of many of the people who lived during those ''hippie'' years. Unfortunately, that expression was all to well captured in Cheap left me with a dark and literally cheap feeling. Besides, many of the images were inappropriate. 
On a cheerful note, the advice in the book can be considered timeless especially since we are  currently living in a fashion world which is implementing many trends from the 1970's! 

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

Personal style is what this book is all about. Fashion as a dictatorship of the elite is dead. Nobody knows better than you what you should wear or how you should look. What we want to do is to lay out the alternatives, the guidelines, and show you the way some of the people we think look exciting today put it all together for themselves. 

The basic concept of Cheap Chic for both men and women is to have a few clothes that you really love rather than a closet full of mismatched fashions. Paring down your wardrobe is going to simplify your life and looking good is going to make you feel good. Find the clothes that suit you best, that make you feel comfortable, confident, attractive and happy...and then hang onto them like old friends.

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