Monday, February 21, 2011


Please take a look and vote on ETSY KIDS (  See the February 21st post for this month's challenge. Details below.

On Valentine's Day I was accepted into Etsy Kids.  This is a branch of ETSY where items made specifically for children are displayed.  The same day I found out about their February challenge, and began working on an entry. The theme:  JUNGLE!  There are not any prizes involved, but it does give more exposure for my Etsy shop.  Some time today and throughout the week people can go onto to vote for their favorite item in the list. The person whose item receives the most votes has the privilege of choosing the theme for the next challenge.  I think this is a great idea, and my mum and I have had fun viewing the other creative clothing and accessories Etsy members have contributed.

I was glad to have leopard spot fabric and brown trim on hand, as they went well with the theme.  Looking through one of my international folkwear books, I discovered a cute little tunic from Liberia, and decided to make it up for the challenge.  Since it was at the last minute (the deadline was Saturday), and we had so much going on (skating, campfires on the back porch...lots of fun activities!), Marjolaine could not get pictures outside.  The photo I sent in Saturday night might confuse people as it is taken in front of a decorated tree in the living February!  It smells so good (the tree, that is!) and looks so pretty, that we have kept it up. We also did not notice the mess on the sofa, but did not have time to run to the downstairs computer, turn it on, and edit the picture!   Today we attempted some poses outside, but it is raining!  We posted them anyway on

Here is how the dress turned out, with Katia (a little too tall for a size 2!) modeling it.  If you so desire, you can look later today at the Etsy Kids blog and vote.  I would appreciate it!


Breanna Klein said...

I Like it!! :)
I will go vote for you if I can!! :)
Hope your day is going fantastic!!

Nonpareils said...


The Kautts said...

So cute! :) Man, I wish I were *your* little sister!! ;) I can sew a bit, but am not too good at it. I'm thirteen, but still really haven't done many large sewing projects. :(

Oh, do you have any tips on how to make a dress like the one you are wearing in your profile photo?

Thank you!

Johanna Kautt

Nonpareils said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! The dress (outfit) that I am wearing in my profile picture is actually a shift, a vest, an overskirt, and an apron. Which part of the outfit are you interested in? The outer skirt is pleated, accordian style, and is butterflied (drawn up at the sides). It is a Serbian costume.

The Kautts said...

Nikola (what a pretty name that is),

I just like the look of the *whole* outfit. Is is a folk costume? You did a good job sewing it!! :)

Here is a link to a (medieval) costume I made with my Mom:!.JPG. It was a *tad* too big for me, but I think I will grow into it!

~Johanna Kautt

Nonpareils said...

Pretty dress! You did a good job! Yes, my outfit is a folk costume from Serbia. I made up my own patterns for the different components, but I am sure there are vest patterns that could be used. Also, a pretty blouse and white underskirt would work just as well as a shift. The overskirt is more complicated due to all the pleats, and it took me quite a long time to accomplish!

The Kautts said...

I *thought* it was a folk costume. I really want to make a dirndl type jumper, but not just to wear as a costume but to wear whenever I like. :)

I have a vest (that needs to be altered) that I could use as part of a folk costume.

Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

~Johanna Kautt

Nonpareils said...

The first thing that comes to mind are some Bulgarian costumes which look like jumpers worn with a blouse, or Russian dress made popular by the Polyanka dance. The Polyanka often has a v-waist, gathered, with a ruffle at the bottom. The Bulgarian ones have a band of trim along the hem and are often embroidered on the bodice and skirt. I will try to send you pictures in the near future. Thank you for your good wishes for the Sabbath. How does your family spend the Lord's Day?

The Kautts said...

I don't think the Bulgarian or Polyanka costumes are very much like the one I was envisioning. More of the Russian and Austrian folk costumes.

You could send me photos to this email address: Thanks! :)

Well, my Dad is a pastor at a (small, non- denominational) local Christian church. We have Sunday school, singing hymns, prayer time, and then the excellent Bible-based sermons. You can read a sample of them here: We are sort of "loners" because we are the only homeschooling family at our church!!

Is y'all's (can you tell I'm from Texas) church more of a reformed Presbyterian or reformed baptist?

Have a blessed day!!

~Johanna Kautt