Saturday, March 5, 2011


The annual CHEF Art and Photo Festival is just around the corner --- time-wise and physically!  It will be held on Tuesday, March 8th at the beautiful Larimore House Plantation, which is literally "just around the corner" from our home! 

Usually I just coach my siblings in their art projects for a period of time before the festival, but this year, I have the opportunity of entering a couple of pieces in the Graduates section of the contest.  Since I am usually so busy with sewing (which I LOVE), I don't have much time to paint.  With the date of the festival fast-approaching, I decided to attempt a portrait of my little sister playing at the edge of the Mississippi River, which, by the way, is also "just around the corner," in the opposite direction!  My first entry is a small acrylic painting I presented to my father on Father's Day, and represents the view of our neighbor's field and barn from our house. 

These past couple of weeks have been busy for us all.  First off, we had visitors from Granby, Quebec, Canada, where we lived before we moved to the USA.  They were friends from our church there.  I remember playing with their son, who is my age, when we were little!  Unfortunately, he could not join his parents on this leg of their trip down to Florida.

This week my siblings were finishing up their "masterpieces."  I do mean "masterpieces," as I am amazed by the talents God has given them!  Except for a Shark painting by one, and an owl in colored pencil by another, this year the pencil sketches won the day!  When my mother reads aloud, they sketch, and what they have produced is amazing, from horses and cowboys to dogs and frogs and birds to PEOPLE!  It is wonderful!

While they worked at art, I strove to write up the different parts of music for some songs my brother and I have been practicing, to play at the art festival. My most "famous" positions this week were being hunched over the piano to check something, or sitting writing out notes for flute, violin, and clarinet.  My brother will hopefully accompany us on his accordian when we play.

My artistic endeavor is to duplicate the sepia photo my sister took of our littlest sister has she expressed such delight at feeling her tiny toes sink down into the gushy mud of the river bottom and the lapping of the water against her legs.  It is interesting to paint in monochrome...a first for me.  I am only about half-way done, so I have to hurry!

The second half of the contest invites youth 14 years old and up to enter up to two photos they have taken.  The only changes allowed are red eye, cropping, and lightening or darkening.  I did not have the occasion to do much photography this year, so only my siblings are entering with photos of flowers, scenes, bugs, and frogs.  They are certainly beautiful.

Today we set up at the Plantation.  This afforded me the chance to view the artwork before the judges come on Monday.  Such lovely work!  While there, some friends, my brother, and I practiced some music to play for the guests as they view the artwork on Tuesday evening.  It was quite a pleasure!

My brother has also posted information and photos of past work on his blog:  Starling Crusader. Learn about the CHEF art festival HERE.  Maybe next week I can post photos of our artwork.

Although the change in pace has been enjoyable, I am anxious to get back to my sewing!  Oh, and BEADING!  Have you seen this month's edition of BEAD AND BUTTON magazine?  They have a fantastic article on the beadwork of Transylvania.  I look forward to reading it and being inspired!

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