Friday, March 25, 2011


Another CHEF art festival has come and gone, and what fun we had!  While the families toured the Larimore Plantation Reception Hall where all the artwork was set up, my friend and I played various pieces of music, she on the flute, and I on the violin and the clarinet (not simultaneously!) Besides hymns, we played a large selection of Celtic tunes, and, my favorite of the evening, the allegro portion of Luigi Boccherini's LOS MANOLOS, as arranged for MASTERS AND COMMANDERS.

My siblings who participated all came home with lovely ribbons! I had time to just finish my monochrome painting of my youngest sister, at least to the point of a filled canvas, although I had intended to add some more dimension to the water.  It was satisfying to accomplish a piece in such a short time, and it proved to me that I am capable of being efficient, even in art!  The acrylic scene I had painted earlier had not taken me too much time, either. After the festival, my mother shared with me the comments of the judges, and I was pleased to hear that they had had a hard time deciding which should be first and which second.  Of course, they did not know that one artist had painted them both.  As it ended up, the portrait took first place, and the barn picture, second.

(It was hard to take a good picture. The barn painting photo came out too light.)

Below is a sampling of some of our family's artwork.  I love to see how the children progress from year to year!  I  have a short article up on the EtsyKids Blog relating our experience at the festival.

8-year-old: Colored Pencil Owl Picture

12-year-old Pencil Drawing:  Breakaway

12-year-old Pencil Horse

10-year-old Pencil Frog Collage (with Arboreal Flying Frog)

10-year-old Pencil Antarctic Sheath Bill

More family artwork to follow!  And I mustn't forget the Photo Contest entries!

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