Thursday, April 14, 2011


While my sister and my mother were away on a short trip to Charleston, South Carolina, I had a very enjoyable time being the oldest "child" at home.  While I did not find the time to sit down at the sewing machine, I was pleasantly occupied with household duties and with taking care of my younger siblings.  My littlest sister (4) was particularly enthusiastic that I had taken over the role as "teacher," and I equally cherished the moments we spent together.  Outside we went on a nature hunt for objects of different textures and shapes, such as fuzzy moss, a straight stick, a smooth stone, and so forth, which she collected in a little basket.  Inside, we did an experiment concerning the buoyancy of various items, with the little girls taking turns guessing beforehand whether the object would float or sink.  We then did a fun coloring page focusing on the letter "f," and came up with a funny rhyme to match the drawing.  My mother had left an interesting craft kit for us to use, involving weaving paper strips through pre-cut animal shapes.  (from NASCO) They soon became mobiles as Katia decided it would make a festive welcome for the two on vacation.
Picnics, nature movies, picking violets, was a fun time for all!

One task that fell to me was to play "nurse" for Elodie, who had cut her hand while we all were biking with our father one sunny afternoon.  Her bike skidded on some gravel and she fell heavily to the ground, grinding gravel into her knees, ankle, and, especially, her palm.  Since we had biked to the park from home, my dad had no way of transporting Elodie to the clinic, other than the toddler trailer attached to his bike.  So, off he went, with Elodie in tow! She felt rather silly, all hunched up in the little conveyance! When they arrived at the pharmacy clinic, they were informed that the cut necessitated stitches, so their strenuous trek continued to home, where they transferred to a more suitable mode of transportation, and hurried off to the hospital.

In the meantime, the rest of us waited at the park, until a neighbour came to pick up the little girls and their bikes, and to kindly escort the rest of us home.  What a site we must have been! The time while we waited at home for Elodie was spent taking care of the chores and supper, and we made brownies and apple turnovers to cheer her up.  The brave heroine walked in the door some three hours later, sporting five stitches in her bandaged hand.  We still were able to enjoy our meal of Spanakopita and salad, with the delicious desserts following.  We had a fun time reviewing all of the interesting biking experiences we have had in the past, and then watched some folk dances on video before bed.  My role as "nurse" came into play whenever Elodie's wound needed cleaning and the bandage changed.

When my sister and my mother arrived we viewed their photos and had a wonderful time exchanging news.  Friday I finally picked up my sewing again, and have since been busy on skirts of various styles and fabrics.  It is a challenge to match fabrics from what we already have here at home; I am trying very hard not to invest in any more fabric until I have depleted the over-abundant supply already residing in our house!

At present, I have six skirts just about ready for the Land of Goshen Farmer's Market which begins in only three short weeks!  It seems like it was just a short while ago that we were there, but it ended last October 16th!  I also have some new creations I will either put up on Etsy or try to sell at a local boutique.  Spring is a very motivating season in which to sew, as lightweight, breezy skirts and dresses fit right in!  I hope to have some pictures up soon!

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