Saturday, April 16, 2011


This month's design challenge centers around Autism, as April is Autism Awareness month.  The suggestions for symbols included puzzle pieces, as researchers and parents attempt to work out the many factors of this condition.  It must be very difficult to care for and to teach little ones, and older individuals, too, who do not learn and function like the rest of us.

  Of course, the heart symbol depicts the love and care needed to reach out to autistic people.

 I therefore have entered my Croatian-style dress for toddlers as this month's entry, as it has a lovely big heart on the bodice.  Voting does not start until next week, but I would appreciate it if you get the chance.  The person receiving the highest votes has the opportunity to choose next's month's theme for the design challenge. Click here to view the entries.

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sandybeaches said...

Nicola, all your dresses are beautiful, and your models even more so. Nice job,Nicola, Anne, Richard and our Creator!