Thursday, May 19, 2011


Recently my family went shopping for a baby shower gift.  Besides the fact that most of the items were made in China, nothing was really DIFFERENT.  You know how it is when you go to the many items the same!  We finally settled on a sweet little pink and white dress reminiscent of something a grandma of long-ago might have made for her granddaughter.  Of course part of our problem was that we were rather at the last minute, and that we cannot afford boutique prices.  I was busy with many sewing projects at the time, and could not whip up something original.  Thankfully, we were able to complete the gift we bought with a hand-knitted baby blanket my younger sister had created especially for the baby.

A better solution to shop-hopping around town is the shop-at-home alternative!  While you might just use your search engine to find online boutiques, I have a better idea!  If you log onto Etsy Kids you will discover a myriad of handmade, unique articles for children. The styles are varied, the materials also, and there are prices to fit every budget!

Are you looking for a baby gift?  This adorable litte hat would make a great gift!  It is called "KNITTY BITTY SWEET PEA POD HAT" and would make a perfect spring gift! FInd it at Knitty Bitty Apparel on Etsy Kids.

Do you need a little, inexpensive gift for a baby boy?  Let Grandma Kay's Treasures Etsy shop help you with this wee brown and blue booties...just $2.50!

If we had room in our home, we we love to put up prints from Breezy Tulip.  Her artwork is so sweet and whimsical.  Take a look at some of our favorites. 

When searching for clothing items for older children, the selection is just as wonderful as it is for infants.  You will find jumpers, peasant blouses, skirts, tutus, tank tops, ballerina outfits, princess dresses....and the list goes on!

What a cute skirt...found here!

There are patterns, toys, dolls, artwork, hair accessories, art supplies, vintage items, photos, jewelry, and so many more items. 

We, of course, enjoy looking for original fabrics and girls' dresses which look or are "ethnic," such as the gorgeous items in the BasiaDesign shop.

This Polish vest outfit is  just perfect!

 I truly believe you will enjoy browsing the Etsy Kids site for gifts and for inspiration. 

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