Saturday, January 7, 2012


It is hard to believe that by this time last year we had already had fantastic fun times sledding down the speedy hill at Sioux Passage Park!  For the past couple of days, it has looked, smelled, and felt like spring!  Yesterday it was 70 degrees here!  At least, if I can't feel the charm of winter, I can feel inspired to list lots of skirts on Etsy!

I still have a few international dresses listed on Etsy and Artfire, but this week I have been busy photographing Pettiskirts.  They are so fun and fluffy....!  Laura-Lise loves the one I made for her birthday a couple of years ago, and we sold some at the Farmer's Market in Edwardsville this past summer.

The one I like best I have called the Prima Ballerina Pettiskirt.  It is pink and ivory, with fancy gold stitching on the ivory satin yoke, and gold trim.

This photo shows the Prima Ballerina one in the center, surrounded by the other skirts I have made.

Here is a close-up to show the trim:

A few of the spring skirts I have made for everyday play are below.

I hope I will see my little sisters in snowsuits before the season arrives to wear skirts such as these, but the Lord knows best what we need.  THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HATH MADE; LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!

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