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PaperbackSwap: Great way to obtain books for Christmas sister's success story

Guest post by my sister Marjolaine: 
Two great books published by Inheritance Publications which I received from PaperbackSwap- costing me under 4 dollars for BOTH! And yes: I now OWN them. This is not a lending system. Rather a way of gaining books for one's own self!

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

With Christmas coming up, and many of you eager to buy special gifts for family and friends, I would like to recommend that you join the book site PaperbackSwap! (which is actually for hardbacks as well!)

 I first heard of it a few years ago, from a fellow blogger but never imagined it would be beneficial for me. However, since I signed up this year, I've been able, through swapping books I no longer wanted or books I picked up free or purchased for a minimal fee, with other members to gain several special books for myself and my family to permanently own. Now I suggest every book lover out there sign up themselves!  Around Christmas is probably the best time to begin listing books since many other members are likewise shopping for Christmas! In the last couple weeks, I've sent out more books than I did all summer. 
PLEASE say, on the sign-up page that mazzou referred you. This is very important, because I would then get an extra credit to spend on! :) Please and thank you!!!

Next...I will kindly explain how the system works on PaperbackSwap. It is unbelievably simple. No credit card information or anything required, because you don't pay for the books you request, rather for the shipping for books you ship out to other members who request them from you!

This means:
 If you only choose to list books that are very lightweight, your credits cost a greatly minimal amount and you save tons of money on books! Yay!
My success story: 
Two great books published by Inheritance Publications which I received from PaperbackSwap- costing me under 4 dollars for BOTH!
In fact, these two like-new Christian historical fiction books which I received  this year for two of my paperback swap account credits I would have paid over $12.00 each if I had purchased them from the company we usually do (Inheritance Publications).

However, through PaperBackSwap I ended up paying only $3.17 for both!(where do I get this $3.17? from the cost it sent me to mail out 2 books previously in order to obtain the 2 credits to spend on these two books I requested!) See what I's great! Read on....and see more examples of books I've received at the bottom of the post.

Yes, you keep the books you request! This is not a constant swapping system, unless you decide to re-swap the books you got....I hope this is clear!

The basics to PaperbackSwap are very simple. Of course there are more details involved, but nothing you can't conquer with a little help from the instructions on the site and from other members like myself. (I personally was given great tips by a friend)

When you sign up, through the below link, they will ask you on the page if anyone referred you. I would be SO happy if you would say I referred you!  (''Mazzou'')

More about the site....
You simply join, just start listing books you have which are in pretty good condition, and when a book is requested from you, you quickly package the book (in two pieces of paper, taped well) and pay for its shipping. (usually under two dollars) 
When the book is received by the other member, you will get a credit (1 credit per book!) to use to request any book off the site for YOURSELF! :)
As a special incentive, when you list 10 books, the company automatically gives you 2 credits as a gift.  And the referral system gives you 1 credit every time a friend lists 10 books.
I must admit that not all your favorite books will be available immediately. However, each person gets to add as many as 200 books to their wishlist which will enable you to wait in line for your desired book to be posted by another member. 
(I am sure this sometimes takes years, as it will for several of the more unusual books I long for....but oh well! I am grateful for the wishlist system.) I actually have received a couple books already, from my wishlist!

Book quality:
 I have, so far, received over 4 great books in like-new condition! Very exciting. (if you do not want any books worse than ''new'' condition, you can specify that on your PaperbackSwap club account! Or you can request a book, then send the member a personal message, as I usually do, making sure the book IS in great condition) You can swap books which are in good condition, or newer. There is even a forum on the site for swapping damaged books. And I do list damaged books if they are popular, BUT to follow the rules of the site, I ALWAYS send the member who requests the book a message informing them on the condition, and making sure they still want it. 

Choosing books to swap:
Note: If you don't have books in your home which you want to get rid of on PaperBackSwap, you can always purchase books from your thrift shop, library, etc. I suggest you look out for lightweight books, so you can spend less for your credit. Also, you might want to contemplate which books are highly desired in the club... by searching the titles and seeing how many members wish for it, or reading the ''top wished'' list of titles. (which I don't recommend doing since I'm sure there are many nasty titles on it.)

What I did and do:
I officially began my PaperbackSwap account with listing 10 books I actually bought for 25 cents-75 cents a piece at our local thrift store. Thankfully, after the initial 10 books (which unfortunately, didn't go like hotcakes!) although I did buy a few more books here and there, and gave away several books from my own collection which I didn't main sources, surprisingly and excitedly are ''free boxes'' at book stores and resale shops. I hope you find free books to list as well! But any way you do it, BEGIN!

Comment on this post if you have any questions, or if you already use PaperbackSwap!

Now for some examples of books I have been able to request and receive through PaperbackSwap!
Each of these came in great condition....AND, counting up the costs of the shipping spent on the book with which I earned credit to order these books, every single one comes to under $2.00

Since these books are out of print, I am trying to get as many copies as possible!

A sweet book by an author I like- yes, it is a hardback book!

Just SOME of the books I've received so far.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

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