Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Garden-party themed bridal shower

June 15th was a beautiful bridal shower for a lovely friend! It was such a pleasure to attend this garden party-themed event!
the bride!


I really like this one! It was fun to edit
I love dress-up events!!! There were some lovely outfits.
so cute!
Don't you love this one of Ashley! I have too much fun editing pictures. :)


Of course, we ladies began a delightful croquet game! 

Nikola, looking perfect for the game!
Isn't this a neat picture?
Having fun editing the picture: 

Sisters presenting different time periods....Nikola '20s (I think) and Me '50s! (as best I could)

girls! Croquet is so...photogenic. Or picture-perfect. :) I had a lot of ideas for pictures w/ our trusty mallets. I''m posting what we actually took.

croquet art
Jeremy judged the hat contest....Laura-Lise was a runner-up or something. Of course Darcie won! :)
 I really like her dress too.
Jeremy and Darcie opening gifts!

sisters pictures

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